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About Us

Since we were kids back in the 60's we have Grown up in the family business running and repairing trucks and trailers from top to bottom, front to rear. With over 50 years of experience in the field, we have just about seen it all.


Coming from a very hard-working and honest father we grew up knowing the right way and the wrong way to do things and the right way was to do it right the first time. We have been in fleet management for over 40 years and understand the value of saving the customer of the fleet the most money we can and still maintaining the integrity of the truck or trailer to do the job correctly.


We can work on all makes and models of trucks medium or heavy-duty also we can work on all models of trailers from utility to heavy oilfield trailers, there is no job too small or big for our facility.


We boast a large array of fast-moving parts for your trucks and trailers. We also have a great line of parts for most cab and bodywork.


We have been selling trucks and trailers and flatbeds at our new facility for 3 years now and we just opened the second yard on the north side of San Angelo in late 2019. We offer a full line of utility trailers from multiple major name manufacturers and a full line of enclosed trailers. We have used trucks and an assortment of used trailers from bulk sand, flatbed, step deck, 130 barrel water trailers, lowboys, and much more. We have great working relations with several dealers so at any given time we have access to several hundred trucks and trailers.



If you're looking for a dealership that does things the old-fashioned way no corporate paperwork or hidden cost, we are the place you want to be.


We appreciate all our long-time customers and look forward to meeting you soon.


Call or contact us for any of your truck and trailer needs.



The Briley Family